September 2018  
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Bro. Gary Chesser

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In 2006, Bro. Gary came to Mill Creek Baptist as the Youth Pastor, and then was asked to serve as the Senior Pastor in 2007.  From the beginning, he preached the Word and loved the people.  God has honored that and the church has grown tremendously.  He will tell you that is all God!  

Bro. Gary and his wife Cindy are both from the Nelson County area.  They were high school sweethearts and were later married in Bloomfield, Kentucky in May 1984.  They have one son, Daniel who married his wife, Kaitlin, in 2012.  Bro. Gary and Cindy enjoy working together on their farm.  Bro. Gary and Cindy consider it a privilege and honor to serve the Lord at Mill Creek.

Staff Evangelist

Bro. Danny Haynes

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Bro. Danny began his work as a professional baseball player and then a successful business man.  In his 40's, God called him to be His minister!  Ever since then, he has faithfully preached God's word and shared the Gospel faithfully.  He is a long time friend and mentor of Bro. Gary and brings many years of experience to the staff.

He is married to his beautiful bride of 50 plus years, Jeanie.

Associate Pastor

Bro. Ray Johnson

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Ray and his family joined us at Mill Creek in early November of 2014.  He was born and raised in Texas, until God took him to Southern California to serve.  He has served as a youth pastor, senior pastor, and pastor of discipleship.  Here at Mill Creek, he serves as our Associate Pastor.  He has a passion to see the Word of God lived out.

He is married to his wonderful wife, Lauri. He and Lauri met in college and have enjoyed 31 plus years together.  They have four children (two boys and two girls), from ages 19 to 29.

Student Pastor

Bro. Marques Pauley

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We thank the Lord for bringing us Marques, his wife Alyssa, in the Fall of 2017..  He and Alyssa have been married 5 yrs. and have a newborn baby.  He is a 2013 graduate of Trinity College, FL where he focused on youth ministry.  He also attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in FL .  He loves salty...peanuts and pretzels.

Marques wants to see students with a passion for God, a love for others, and a passion for ministry!

Children/Family Pastor

Bro. Josh Bennett

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We praise the Lord for leading us to our new Children/Family Pastor.  Lord willing, he and his wife (Tammi) will join us mid-July.  They come to us from Somerset, KY where he has been serving in ministry.  He has also served with Child Evangelism Fellowship and studied at the Children's Ministry Institute in Missouri.



Music Director

William Skaggs

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Bro. William was here when Bro. Gary arrived and began serving as the church's part-time music director.  In 2017, he was able to begin serving in a full-time position here at the church, helping carry the load of a growing congregation.  His love and talent for music is evident.  In addition, he brings a great love for His Lord and a commitment to the truth of God's Word.

He is married to his wonderful wife, Teresa.


Lisa Lawson

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Lisa, and her husband Rick, are faithful members of Mill Creek since 2011.  She comes to us after serving 30 + years at American Greetings.  She is excited to be a part of the Mill Creek staff, and we are excited to have her on board.

Financial Secretary

Brenda Colvin

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Brenda is gifted in dealing with finances, and her and her husband (Gary) run a business that provides financial services across the state.  She has a gentle and quiet spirit and is a great addition to our staff.


Barney & Terri Goode

Barney and his wife, Terri, faithfully serve as our custodians.  They bring a real servant's heart and great joy to our ministry.